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A Second Passport
two passports

Current regulations reflect the long-standing policy of the Department of State that no person should be in possession of more than one valid, or potentially valid, U.S. passport at any time unless specifically authorized by the Department of State.

The circumstances under which the State Department is able to authorize the issuance of a second fee passport generally are when a foreign country will deny a visa or entry to the bearer of a passport containing markings or visas showing travel to certain other countries or when a passport needed for immediate travel is unavailable due to prolonged delays in processing a foreign visa application or other foreign governmental process. Please note, previous second passport use does not guarantee a replacement second passport.

The issuance of a second valid passport should be considered an exception to the regulations, and is to be approved on an individual basis only where justified. The second valid passport may not be limited geographically, i.e., for travel in only a few countries. It will be limited in time, valid for a maximum period of two years. Thereafter, a new passport must be applied for; second valid passports are not extendable.

To apply for a second valid passport, whether it is for the first time or if you were issued a second passport before, you will need to make an appointment (when on a mobile device scroll down to the bottom and click on 'full site' to get the appointment site link), and submit the following documents in person:

  1. Submit your currently valid passport;
  2. An originally signed, written request from your company or organization, preferably on company letterhead paper, explaining why a second valid passport is needed;
  3. An affidavit (click to download and print) (PDF 63 KB), which is to be signed in the presence of the Consular Officer attesting to the use of the second passport;
  4. One U.S. format photograph (2"x2" or 5 cm x 5 cm), on a white background. Dutch format photos cannot be processed! Click here for detailed photo instructions;
  5. See our Consular Fees page for the appropriate passport services fee. Fees can be paid in cash, euro or dollars, or by credit card. PIN payments cannot be processed. When paying in cash, please try to bring exact change.

Processing time

Passports are printed in the United States with a secure photo-digitized image of the bearer.  You should allow for up to 10 working days for your application to be processed.

An Appointment Is Required

  • For this service you must set up an appointment. Please download the required form(s) and complete them before coming to the Consulate. If you have any questions our staff will of course assist you. If you plan to pay for your service in cash, please try to bring exact change. Thank you.

    Please, click here to set your appointment up online.

U.S. Format Photo

  • photo example When a picture is required it has to be in the right format.  Here's how to get this format.  Click on the photo for a handy reference guide to print and take to your photographer. (PDF 73 KB)