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Access and Security: what you must not bring to the Consulate
Adopted child's 1-year passport renewal 
Adding extra visa pages to your U.S. passport
Address of the Consulate General in Amsterdam
Affidavit, civil status (for U.S. citizens only)
Alien Resident Card (Green Card) issues
Appointments for passport services
Appointments for visa services
Apostilles -aka- Apostille Stamps
Arrested-ever arrested or convicted? Visa required!
Arrest of a U.S. citizen in the Netherlands
Ashes of deceased people to the U.S.
Attorneys and Notaries in The Netherlands



Birth Certificate & passport for new-born American child
Birth Certificate, how to obtain a copy from the U.S.
Birth Certificate, how to obtain a copy of a Consular Report of Birth Abroad certificate
Business: Doing business in the United States



Certified (True) copy of U.S. passport (notary service)
Child Citizenship Act of 2000
Children traveling without their parents or with one parent
Children traveling without parents, sample of consent letter
Civil records, how to get them from the U.S.
Complaints about delayed entry into the U.S.
Consul General
Contact our American Citizen Services Unit
Contact our Visa Unit
Contact our Immigrant Visa Unit
Credit Card payment form, U.S. citizen services fees
Criminal Records Check for the United States
Custody and Abduction of Children
Customs information



Damaged U.S. passport
Demonstrations in The Netherlands
Departure Record still in your passport
Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery), official U.S. Government information
Divorce Decree, how to get a copy of your U.S. divorce papers
Driving in The Netherlands, when to get a Dutch license
Driving in the U.S.
Douane informatie
Dual nationalities



E1 Treaty Trader visa
E2 Treaty Investor visa
Emergencies, involving a U.S. citizen
ESTA information (Electronic System for Travel Authorization)
Exchange Visitor visa information
Expatriate information
Expired U.S. passport
Extra visa pages in your U.S. passport



FBI Checks for the United States
Federal Benefits
Fees, for U.S. citizen services
Fees, for immigrant visa services
Fiancé(e) Visa information
Fingerprint services in The Netherlands
Forms for U.S. citizen services
Fraud warning
Fraud warning visa lottery
Frequently asked passport questions
Frequently asked visa questions
Frequently asked immigration questions



Green departure record I-94W still in passport
Green Card issues (Permanent Resident Card issues)
Green Card Lottery information
Getting to the Consulate General in Amsterdam



Health and Medical information (including health insurance)
History of the American Consulate General in The Netherlands
How to apply for an American visa
Huisdieren meenemen



Immigrant Visa for an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen
Immigrant Visas, general information
Imminent Departure, Travel documents for U.S. citizens
Internet fraud: is it a scam?
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) How to Apply



J-1 Exchange Visitor visa information
Job announcements



Know Before You Go: CBP Information on what you can bring into the U.S.



Legal assistance
List of photoplaces in The Netherlands, capable of making U.S. format photos
Living in The Netherlands, useful information and websites
Location, how to get to the American Consulate in Amsterdam
Lost or stolen U.S. passport
Lost or stolen Green Card/Permanent Resident Card
Lottery: immigrant visa or green card lottery



Marriage Certificate, how to get a copy of your U.S. marriage certificate
Marriage in The Netherlands
Medical assistance information
Medicines, bringing prescription medication into the U.S. (keyword 'Medication')
Money, transferring and changing



Name change in U.S. passport, by mail
Name change in U.S. passport, personal appearance required
Notarials, U.S. and non-U.S. citizens
Notaries and Attorneys in The Netherlands



Opening Hours of the U.S. Consulate General in Amsterdam



Passport card
Passport services, all
Passport photos, a guide for photographers
Passport, U.S., Services available by mail
Passport for adult, apply by mail
Passport Forms, all passport services
Passport for adult, if you wish to apply in person
Passport, U.S., personal appearance required
Passport, U.S., first time application
Passport, U.S., new born American child
Passport for a child under 16 years of age
Passport for a young adult, age 16 and over, with a 5-year passport
Passport, U.S., lost or stolen
Passport, U.S., needed on short notice
Passport, second U.S., how to qualify
Passport, Foreign, requirements visa-free travel
Pay for your passport/notary service
Pay for your visa service
Pets, bringing pets into the U.S.
Pets, bringing pets into the Netherlands/European Union
Permanent Resident Card issues
Photo, how to get the right format for U.S. passports
Photo, how to get the right format for visas
Photo places, list of places capable of making U.S. format photos
Police clearance, U.S.



Questions and answers on U.S. passports
Questions and answers on visas
Questions and answers on immigrant visas



Register your stay in The Netherlands
Renunciation of U.S. citizenship
Reporting the birth of your American baby, born in The Netherlands
Residence permit for The Netherlands



Scams: Don't be a victim!
Searching for people
Second U.S. passport
Selective Service
Single status affidavit (for U.S. citizens only)
Social Security
Social Security Number Application/Retrieval Form SS-5FS
Student Visa



Taxes/IRS information
Taxpayer Identfication Number (ITIN) How to Apply
Transporting ashes of a deceased person to the U.S.
Transferring funds
Treaty Trader/Investor visas
True copy, U.S. passport (notary service)
True copy, Foreign passport (for ITIN only)



Urgent travel needs, U.S. citizens
Urgent travel needs, business or student visa applicants
U.S. police clearance



Visa, application forms and instructions
Visa, categories
Visa, for permanent residence
Visa Lottery
Visa pages - extra visa pages added to your U.S. passport
Visa Wizard
Visit America: It's easier than you think! A video
Visiting the Consulate, how to get there
Visiting the Consulate, access and security notice
Vital Records (birth, marriage/divorce/death certificates) from the U.S.
Voting Information



Warden message for U.S. citizens
What can I bring to the U.S.?
What does it cost? U.S. citizen services
What does it cost? Visa services
Working in The Netherlands
Working for the U.S. Mission to The Netherlands