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Foreign Government Employees

U.S. Visas for Foreign Government Employees

Employees of governments and recognized agencies traveling on official business to the U.S. need U.S. visas. This includes foreign offices, diplomatic missions, and international agencies such as ICTY or OPCW. NATO authorized employees also need visas, unless they are traveling on NATO travel orders. Applicants for A-1, A-2, G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, C-2, C-3, and NATO category visas do not need to appear at the Consulate for a personal interview for a visa, and no fee is charged for visa issuance.

Most embassies and agencies have a visa office or coordinator who can help with the application process. That office will provide the required documentation regarding the purpose of travel and will explain their role in processing applications.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague for instance, has a visa coordinator (070-348 4691)who handles all official visa applications for the Dutch government.
Please take some time to read our Frequently Asked Questions on this subject.

The following documents are required for all applications:

  • A valid passport or if employed by the U.N., a United Nations Laissez-Passer (UNLP) and a letter from the Chief of the Transportation Section of the United Nations Secretariat indicating that the applicant is an employee of the United Nations.
  • Confirmation receipt from a completed visa application form DS-160 with an undamaged barcode, available  through the Consulate's website: Step 2 of our application instructions has information on and a link to this web-based visa application form.
  • Current photograph, 5 x 5 cm (see our photo instructions page) with a white background and ears showing.
  • A Note Verbale from the government/agency, explaining the purpose and duration of the trip. The Consular Officer will determine the appropriate visa classification. The visa will be annotated to reflect place of employment; if the assignment is less than 90 days, it will have a TDY notation. NOTE: All Dutch government employee applicants for A, G, or NATO visas must coordinate visa application through Jarno Gijsbers (070 348 4691) at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Using only a registered mail sticker for each applicant, unless other arrangements have been made for the return of passports and visas. In the case of visas for Dutch government officials, the MFA usually arranges for a courier to pick up passports. Dutch government applicants are advised to coordinate courier pick-up with Jarno Gijsbers.

Applications can be submitted at the Consulate General mornings between 8:30 and 11:15 a.m. All passports and visas will be returned by mail or by courier within three days.

Note: Diplomats (individuals with diplomatic passports who are accredited to The Netherlands) and their dependents who cannot travel under the Visa Waiver Program and want to visit the U.S. as tourists must apply for visas in person. They may come to the Consulate without an appointment on Fridays between 8:30 and 11:15 a.m. to apply, provided they bring the confirmation receipt from their completed online visa application, evidence of diplomatic credentials, and all required application materials. Should you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: Please refer to our website for visa information.

Due to biometric processing, same-day issuance of visas is not possible. Some applicants may be subject to clearance procedures that will require additional processing time.