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How to Apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa
  1. Introduction: Learn more about the non-immigrant visa process
    What a visa is, whether you need a visa, whether to apply in person, categories of visas.
  2. Access and file your online Visa Application Form
    The DS-160 web-based visa form must be completed online. You must print your confirmation page and bring this to your interview.
  3. Gather Supporting Documentation
    Find out which documents should accompany your non-immigrant visa application.  Please, do not send any supporting documents in advance of your interview.
  4. Pay the Non-Refundable Visa Application Fee
    Deposit the required application fee, in euro, in our account #NL29DEUT0515483184, with Deutsche Bank and bring your receipt, or make sure you bring your Dutch PIN-card (debit card) for payment at the Consulate.
  5. Have Your U.S. Style Photo Taken
    The dimensions are very specific.
  6. Make an Appointment
    For your visa interview at the Consulate General in Amsterdam. 
  7. Submit Your Application In Person
    On your designated appointment date. Please read our Access and Security Instructions.
  8. Receive your passport and visa by mail
    This usually takes 3-4 business days, but can take longer. The Consulate General cannot be held responsible for extra costs due to changing tickets or rebooking flights if delivery is delayed. We therefore strongly urge you NOT to purchase tickets until you have received your visa and passport in the mail. 

Please take some time to read our Frequently Asked Questions page

Contact information of our non-immigrant visa unit

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  • It may well be that you do not need a visa to visit the United States. A good way to find out is to check our Visa Wizard, an easy program based on a few questions about your situation and travel plans.

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