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On U.S. visas

The United States make a distinction between two basic types of visas:

To find out if you need a visa you may wish to consult our Visa Wizard, an easy questions and answers program that will tell you if you can visit the United States without a visa. It will explain about the type of passport required and also about ESTA, the Electronic System Travel Authorization needed for visa-free travel.

If you do need a visa you will have to visit the Consulate by appointment. Please take note of our instructions for entering the consular building by reading our Access and Security Notice.

Please also take some time to read our Frequently Asked Questions page

If after reading our website you still have questions about non-immigrant visas, visa-free travel, ESTA, etc. please contact our non-immigrant visa unit. Note that you can only contact this unit by e-mail. There is no phone service for non-immigrant visa matters.