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Personal Appearance Required

Passport Services requiring personal appearance

IMPORTANT! You must download, print and fill out the appropriate application forms, to bring with you to Amsterdam. DO NOT SIGN the application forms as you will be required to sign in front of the consular officer. Please also verify what supporting documents you must bring with you to your appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.
You can pay the required fees in cash, dollars or euro equivalent, or by credit card. You CANNOT pay by PIN card or check at the Consulate.

The following applicants must make an appointment to appear in person to submit the passport application and take an oath administered by the consular officer:

Some passport services are available by mail or by personal visit. Click here to find out more about these services.

Further, if you are renewing an adult passport, but cannot submit your application by mail because of your need to travel, you will have to make an appointment to apply during our regular hours of operation. See our section on Imminent Departure for more information.

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Appointments are made via a separate website. You will find a link to this site on every instructions page (right hand top). For any passport appointment, be it an application for a first, second, adult or minor passport or extra visa pages, check the top box called 'Apply for a passport for the first time'. 

The Confirmation Print Out
Upon completing setting up your appointment you will be asked to print the confirmation with your password. Alternatively you can write it down. You will not receive an e-mail confirmation.

No Confirmation Sheet, no password?
No problem. No need to contact us as you will be on our entry list for the day of your appointment. But should you have to cancel send us an e-mail at: and we will take care of it for you. You can then set up a new appointment at your convenience.

An Appointment is Mandatory

  • As of March 3, 2008, all visits, except for emergencies, must be by appointment. You will find a link to the appointment website with each set of instructions for a particular service.

    You are kindly requested to download the required application form, complete it at home and bring it to your appointment. You will find a link to the appropriate form with each set of instructions for a particular service.

    NOTE: While you need an appointment to visit the Consulate for the application, you do NOT need an appointment to collect your passport when it is ready. If you will not collect your passport yourself, inform our staff of who will come to collect it. Passports can be collected Monday through Friday, 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

Access and Security Notice (copy)

  • Access and Security Instructions If at all possible bring only the items you need for the service you are requesting. Bringing items that cannot be brought into the Consulate, e.g. cell phones, laptops, knives of all kinds, etc., will delay your entering the building or may even lead to cancellation of your appointment. Please read our Access and Security Notice (click on the picture). Thank you for your cooperation.