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Social Security

Social Security/Federal Benefits

Applications for a Social Security number may be made at the American Consulate General in Amsterdam. But, as there is no Social Security Administration representative in The Netherlands, please contact the Federal Benefits Office in Dublin BEFORE coming to see us, to ensure you bring the correct documents. If you are age 12 or older you must apply in person. You cannot apply for a social security number by mail!
To make your application in Amsterdam you will need an appointment, see the appointment box on the right (if on a mobile device, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'full site' to get the link). Appointments can be set up only during our normal hours of operation.
When coming to the Consulate, please bring:

  • The e-mail or letter with instructions from the Dublin office, if available;
  • Your passport(s);
  • All originals of the documents the Dublin office has asked for

    Note that Dutch civil documents are available in 'international'versions, that do not require a translation. A marriage booklet has no legal bearing so if a Dutch marriage certificate is required get the international marriage certificate from the city hall where you were married.*
  • If in doubt about a document, bring it in. 

The Federal Benefits Office Servicing The Netherlands

The Federal Benefits Office servicing residents of The Netherlands is located at the United States Embassy in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Please ensure to first read the FBU Frequently Asked Questions before contacting the Dublin office. Thank you.

Federal Benefits Unit, Dublin, Ireland, contact information:

Telephone - MORNINGS ONLY:

Federal Benefits Unit 00-353-1-668-8777, ext. 2112 -

Fax: Federal Benefits Unit 00-353-1-668-7245

E-Mail Address:

General Inquiries: 8.30 - 11.30 A.M. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, excepting American and Irish Holidays)

Afternoon Inquiries by appointment only.

You are encouraged to call for assistance.  Your initial call can be very brief as staff will take your telephone number and call you back to complete your business.

Writing to the Federal Benefits Unit

When writing to the Federal Benefits Unit, please always mention your social security number. The address is:

Federal Benefits Unit
American Embassy
42 Elgin Road
Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

For more information regarding Federal Benefits please see :

These sites are designed primarily for use within the United States. The SSA and VA sites have special pages devoted to international issues.

An Appointment Is Required

On Dutch Civil Documents


*When you are requested by the Dublin office to obtain Dutch civil records, i.e. a birth, marriage/divorce, or death certificate, please ask the city hall to provide you with a so called 'international' version. These versions usually have a letter at the right hand top:

A for the international birth certificate

B for the international marriage or divorce certificate (The marriage booklet is not a marriage certificate and has no legal bearing. The divorce certificate is a marriage certificate with the divorce date annotated.)

C for the international death certificate

These versions are in all major European languages, including English, and therefore do not need to be translated.