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Step 3 — Documents supporting your visa application

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The consular officer will only consider documents brought along to the interview.  Documents faxed or mailed to the Consulate General in advance of the application will not be considered. As you will not have access to your cell phone while in the consular building bring paper print outs of any document you want to bring in support of your application.


Self-addressed envelope with a registered mail sticker for each applicant.
Every visa applicant must bring an A5 size envelope (appr. 16 cm x 23 cm) to the visa application interview.  The applicant must write the delivery address in The Netherlands on the envelope and place on a registered mail sticker for each envelope.  Please keep the tracking number information for your own records. This enables the Consulate to return your passport to you by registered mail as soon as your visa has been issued.  Click here for instructions on How To Prepare A Self-Addressed Return Envelope.

  • The American Consulate General does NOT sell registered mail stickers or envelopes. You will have to provide these with your application!
  • For each application a separate envelope is required. So if three people apply together they must provide three separate envelopes for their passports to be returned by mail.
  • You cannot wait for your visa and you cannot come back to collect your visa. It will be mailed in your own envelope to your address in The Netherlands.


Supporting Documentation
During the interview, the Consular Officer may request additional documentation in support of your application. This may include, but is not limited to, documents supporting claims of employment, student status, place of residence, financial status, intended itinerary, purpose of travel, etc. It is suggested that applicants bring documentary evidence to the interview to support claims made on the application. If an applicant does not have documentation requested by the Consular Officer, s/he may be asked to return at another date with the requested information.  Therefore, you will save time by being prepared.  Such information may include:

Proof of Employment
A contract, signed by both parties, and a recent letter from your employer, on original letterhead, stating:

  • how long you have been employed by the company, and
  • in what capacity, and
  • an indication of your basic monthly salary, and
  • how long you will be away from work, and
  • when you are expected to be back at work.
  • If you are traveling on business, your letter should detail the nature of your business, including U.S. companies or offices you will visit. If you are self-employed, it is advisable to bring proof of your business registration.

E1 Treaty Trader visas
Click here for a detailed checklist.

E2 Treaty Investor visas
Click here for a detailed checklist.

Proof of Finances
Applicants are advised to bring an itemized bank or investment statement going back at least two months reflecting that you have adequate funds to pay for their intended stay in the U.S. Students, for example, should be able to prove that they have adequate finances to pay for their entire program of study and living expenses. If you own property or real estate, you may bring evidence of this.

Please note that bank letters that state that you have sufficient funds or letters from family members promising to cover your expenses are not sufficient. Applicants are advised to bring bank statements that reflect their account balances.

Proof of Previous Travel/U.S. visas
Please bring any old passports showing international travel and/or previous U.S. visas. If you were issued a U.S. visa that is still valid but is in a passport that has been lost or stolen, please bring a copy of the police report.

Proof of Travel Plans
If you have made arrangements for your trip to the United States, please bring an itinerary or travel plan. This should not include purchased plane tickets, as we strongly urge that you not purchase tickets or make irrevocable travel plans before obtaining a visa.

Proof of Relationship to Principal Applicant if applying for a derivative visa
To qualify for a dependent visa, applicants must bring civil documents to prove relationship to the principal applicant, i.e. spouses: original marriage certificate, children: original birth certificate.

If you are a student, scholar, exchange visitor, pensioner, child (or applying for a child), or unemployed spouse, please read on…

Students, Scholars, and Exchange Visitors
It is advisable to bring a letter from your current institution stating your level of study and detailing your program start date and anticipated end date.  School transcripts showing your grades in your current program are also recommended.

If you are traveling to the U.S. to study or to take part in an exchange visitor program, you will also be required to bring the following documents: proof that you have paid the extra SEVIS fee (print the confirmation sheet—form I-901), and either an I-20 form (for all F and M student visa applicants) or the DS-2019 form (J visa applicants).

Evidence of pension, property ownership, health insurance (to cover healthcare expenses in the U.S.), and finances is suggested.

Unemployed Spouses
Proof of your husband/wife's employment is suggested.

Domestic Employee
An English language contract signed and dated by both employer and employee that at a minimum must include the following:

  • a guarantee that the employee will be compensated at the minimum or prevailing wage, whichever is greater;
  • the employee is provided with free room and board;
  • the employer will be the only provider of employment to the employee. 

In addition, if working for a U.S. citizen the contract must:

  • reflect any other benefits normally required for U.S. domestic workers in the area of employment; and
  • The employer will give at least two weeks notice of his or her intent to terminate the employment, and the employee need not give more than two weeks notice of intent to leave the employment.

Children (Under 18)
An unabridged birth certificate

Also, if one parent is not present at the visa interview, it is recommended that you bring a notarized letter from that parent authorizing travel, along with copies of both parents' passports or identity documents.  Alternatively, you may wish to bring court documents demonstrating that the applying parent has sole custody of the minor child.

Former U.S. Residents

If you have been a permanent resident of the U.S., you must abandon your claim to this status before submitting your non-immigrant visa application. You can do so by preparing an I-407 form. Please present the I-407 and your permanent resident card or other documentation listing your alien registration number (your A-nr.), along with your DS-160 confirmation page with confirmation number.

Download the I-407 (PDF file, 623Kb).