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Visa Waiver Program
Customs Officer

A U.S. Customs Officer assists a visitor to the United States at San Francisco International Airport.

Visa Waiver Program
Visiting The United States Without A Visa
The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables citizens of participating countries to travel to the U.S. for tourism or business for 90 days or less without obtaining a U.S. visa.
The Netherlands participate in the VWP, so most Dutch citizens do not need a visa to travel to the U.S. However, they will need their own individual Dutch passport. Children included in their parent's Dutch passport need a visa, or must get their own individual passport in order to travel without a visa. All current Dutch passports meet the VWP requirements. For a complete list of VWP countries and more information on biometric passport requirements for other VWP countries, please visit the State Department travel web site.
Visas are required for business travelers and tourists who wish to stay in the U.S. more than 90 days.
Visas are always required for airline crew members, crew members of commercial, private or maritime vessels, students, interns, exchange visitors, temporary workers and intra-company transferees, treaty traders, religious workers, performers and artists, representatives of foreign countries on official business, and journalists/media representatives.
Certain travelers from VWP countries still need to apply for a visa.  Those who have overstayed on previous Visa Waiver visits, have been previously denied a visa or entry into the U.S., or who might otherwise be ineligible for a visa, are not eligible to use the VWP.
Transit must be with a visa unless you qualify for visa-free travel

All visitors from countries not part of the VWP require a visa to enter the U.S. This includes travelers changing planes in the U.S. or on board planes stopping in the U.S., even if they do not get off the plane or leave the transit area of the airport.

(Click here to go to the non-immigrant visa application instructions.)
To qualify for traveling without a visa, travelers from participating VWP countries must:
  • Have obtained travel authorization through ESTA, see the ESTA information on the right of this page. 
  • Have a valid passport, which meets biometric requirements, issued by the participating country and be a citizen (not only a resident) of that country; 
  • Be seeking entry for 90 days or less as a temporary visitor; 
  • If entering by air or sea, have a round-trip or through transportation ticket issued on a carrier that has signed an agreement with the U.S. government to participate in the waiver program, and arrive in the United States aboard such a carrier. 
  • Have proof of financial solvency. 

Entry at a land border crossing point from Canada or Mexico is permitted under the VWP. These travelers are not required to enter on a specific carrier.
Visitors applying for entry under the VWP are allowed to remain up to 90 days and cannot change their status.
Travel to contiguous countries (Canada, Mexico, Caribbean) is permitted during the 90 days, but travelers will not be granted an additional 90 days after re-entry.
US-VISIT program
In order to ensure appropriate safeguards for U.S. national security, the Department of Homeland Security enrolls travelers arriving at U.S. airports and seaports in the US-VISIT program. Enrollment includes collecting a digital photograph and electronic fingerscans of two index fingers. Enrollment takes only seconds and greatly enhances the security of U.S. citizens and visitors to the U.S., facilitates legitimate travel and includes safeguards for the privacy of foreign visitors. Information about US-Visit is available from the Department of Homeland Security's website.
E-Passport Requirement

Effective July 1, 2009, all Dutch passports issued after October 26, 2006, including emergency and temporary passports, are subject to the electronic passport (e-passport) requirement for travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Any Dutch citizen holding an emergency passport that holds no chip, i.e. not an E-passport, must either apply for a regular Dutch passport or a visa to travel to the United States.  Please see the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website.


  • ESTA Logo Please read this important information and see if your ESTA is affected

Visit the United States

-Visa or no Visa-

  • Here's a handy tool to see if you need a visa. It is called Visa Wizard. It will also explain the passport requirements for visa-free travel. Please read the instructions carefully.

    Click here to go to the Visa Wizard

    Note: if you DO need a visa, you do NOT need an ESTA!

    No ESTA or Visa for U.S. Citizens
    U.S. citizens must travel with a valid U.S. passport to and from the U.S., even if they also hold  another country's passport. U.S. citizens do NOT need a visa and do NOT need an ESTA.

-Attention Visa-Free Travelers!-

  • -Attention Visa Free Travelers- All visa-free travelers to the U.S. must now apply online for travel authorization prior to traveling! Click here for ESTA details.

    It's fast, it's easy! Click on the logo to apply for your Travel Authorization. Get it and Go!

    • Made a mistake in your ESTA application?
    • Do you still need an I-94W form?
    • Do you need an ESTA when you have a valid visa?

    These questions and many more are answered in an extensive FAQ sheet prepared by the Department of Homeland Security:

    ESTA Questions or problems? Click here for answers!

    You may want to check this out, even if you have no questions. It contains very useful information.

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